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Beginners Guide To Nitro Cars


The Beginners Guide To Nitro RC Cars

 This guide will help you set-up, start, run-in and tune your nitro car with as little trouble possible.

Setting-up And Starting Your Nitro Car

This video shows basic steps of how to set-up and start your nitro car.

Himoto models use the new high speed jet making the new factory settings for Himoto models 5 turns out from fully in for the high speed screw and 2 ¾ out from fully in for the low speed screw. (Not 2 ½ turns for both settings as shown in video)

Running-in Your Nitro Car Part 1

The below video will show you how to start and run-in your nitro engine.
Don't forget to watch part 2 for the rest of engine break-in process.



Running-in Your Nitro Car Part 2

Watch this for the rest of engine break-in process.


Tuning Your
Nitro Car

The below video will show you how to tune your nitro engine for maximum performance.





Setting Up Your Steering And Throttle Trim

This The below video will show you how to use the st. and th. trim settings on your transmitter.

Step By Step Guide To Starting Your Nitro RC Car

  • Charge glow starter for 5 hours.
  • Fill fuel tank with 12% to 30% nitro content model car fuel and make sure the fuel tank lid is fully closed.
  • Prime engine by positioning throttle to fully open position, plugging exhaust with your finger and pulling pull-start until fuel enters carburettor and 2 extra pulls to complete priming (remember to return the throttle to idle position for starting).
  • Attach glow starter to glow plug and pull pull-start. The engine should start within 1 to 12 pulls (you may need to give the engine a small amount of throttle as this can help the engine start).
  • Don't be afraid to leave glow starter on glow plug if it helps the engine run (if it does help the engine run than your carb setting is probably a bit rich and should be adjusted by turning the low speed needle clockwise by quarter of a turn (please see Manuel).
  • If pull start becomes very hard to pull and the engine will not run. This means the engine is flooded. You will now need to disconnect fuel Pipe and plug it. Remove glow plug from cylinder head, hold car upside down and pull pull-start a few times to clear any excess fuel. Now refit glow plug (not to tight) and fuel line and see if engine will start without priming (step 3).
  • If the engine still won't run after repeating these steps a few times. Please check the glow plug is working by removing the glow plug, attaching the glow starter (heater) to the removed glow plug and checking that the glow plug is glowing hot.
  • Check the carburettor setting is correct. The factory setting for the high speed screw is 5 turns out from fully in and the low speed screw 2 and ¾ turns out from fully in. These adjustments should be carried out by a experienced RC user, as incorrect settings can cause the engine to overheat and damage.

Hot Tip

Always remember to start your car up against a wall, to prevent it from running away

If you need further assistance please send us an email to as unlike a phone call this gives us time to compile a relevant answer.


Please note: These cars are not toys and do require some experience.

If you are in doubt of your ability to operate the model. We strongly recommend that you seek assistance from experienced RC users or join your local RC model club to gain the required knowledge and skill. As the seller we assume no liability for the use of this product.

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