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Fitting the drill starter plate

Fitting the drill starter adapter plate

  • Fitting the drill starter adapter plate is quite straight forward. You simply remove the pull starter from the engine and replace it for the drill starter backplate.
  • You will need to remove the engine in order to fit the plate.
  • When fitting the drill starter adapter plate, you should be able to rotate and fix the adapter plate so that the starting hole is on the bottom right and so is accessible for the starting shaft.
  • To remove the engine you will need to unscrew the 4 screws on the base plate directly below the engine and also the small grub screw fastening the exhaust to its post so that it can come away with the engine. Or you could remove a zip tie from the exhaust joining rubber and dis-attach the exhaust from the engine when removing the engine. You should be able to leave the throttle linkage as it is.
    The throttle linkage bar should simply pull out of the engine throttle leaver when the engine it disattached and twisted.  When reinstalling the engine the throttle linkage bar should be reinstrted into the middle hole in the engine throttle leaver.