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How To Tune A Nitro Engine

How To Tune A Nitro RC Car Engine

Below Is A Simple Guide On How To Tune A Nitro RC Car Engine

The high-speed mixture will affect the way engine runs at mid and high R.P.M.s. This is the main needle that you will adjust the most. Once you get you engine running good, this will be the only needle that you should have to mess with.

Run the car on a smooth flat surface with enough room to let the model get up to top speed. Keep track of the speed as you slowly (1/8 of a turn at a time) lean the engine. You can lean it as long as you continue to have thick blue smoke coming out of the pipe. If the engine gets up to top speed and looses power most likely you have "leaned" it too much. You want the high-speed mixture to be lean enough to get good power and still keep the engine cool. Use a temperature gun or the water test to check the temperature of your engine. Remember, you want the engine to run around 270' or water to sit on the head for around 5-7 seconds.

Lean = less fuel
Rich = more fuel