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RC Cars buying guide!

RCX the radio controlled cars or rc cars specialist!

RCX models RC Car Store specializes in all sorts of remote controlled cars:Electric rc cars, Nitro rc cars, Brushless rc carsPetrol rc cars, and more!

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What kind of RC Car?

People are often unsure about what kind of RC car they should buy. There are many different choices in Radio Controlled cars like electric RC cars, nitro RC cars, or petrol RC cars. Let's first discuss the pros and cons electric Remote Control cars.

Electric RC Cars

Electric RC cars are very easy to maintain and are suitable for indoor racing, this is why electric Radio Control cars are suitable for beginning Remote controlled car fanatics and experienced RC car hobbyists. A great type of electric Radio Controlled cars are brushless RC cars. Brushless Remote Control cars are much faster than normal brushed Radio Controlled cars because of their special engine, a brushless engine needs less maintenance is much quicker than the normal engine this is the reason why many RC enthusiasts prefer brushless electric RC cars above brushed electric Remote control cars. If you're looking for an easy to maintain but still very false RC car the perfect choice would be an electric RC car, especially if you want to drive indoors.

Nitro RC Cars

Another excellent choice would be nitro RC cars. Nitro Radio Controlled cars are much faster than electric Radio Controlled cars because they run on nitro fuel, this is why many RC car drivers like to drive in nitro RC cars. Nitro Remote Control cars require a lot more maintenance than electric Remote Control cars but because of the tremendous speeds you get with these models a lot of people still choose for them, especially the diehard fanatics can't go without the nitro car. Of course you cannot drive them indoors because it will smell very bad but you can drive them on the course or in the garden which is also very enjoyable.

Petrol RC Cars

The third possible choice would be petrol RC cars. Petrol Remote Control cars are a lot bigger than the normal nitro cars and run on petrol mixed with two-stroke oil. Most petrol Radio Controlled cars drive at least 80 km an hour or maybe even faster. You got a lot of different types of Petrol RC cars like Hummers, street racing cars, off-road buggies and much more. Of course petrol RC cars have the same cons as nitro RC cars except for the fact that you can buy petrol at the normal gas station which is a very big pro.

I personally recommend getting your RC cars at RCX We offer amazing customer service and have great quality products. For electric RC cars, nitro RC cars, petrol RC cars and many more this is the perfect address for you.


The best rc cars service

RCX models is known for it's excellent service and low prices for high quality rc cars and more. Questions? Please contact us using our contact us page.

RC Cars for great fun

RC Car driving is a great and fantastic hobby for young and old rc fanatics. Driving Nitro rc cars, electric rc cars and fixing/upgrading them gives great satisfaction. RCX offers a great selection of rc cars and related products like accessories and spare parts. Have a look in our large selection of rc car products and be amazed of the great prices and the great deal of fantastic choices!